Easy /1979; 85min (stripping catfight with a lesbian side)

Easy Wheels /1989; 9, 79/90min (kick; pipe hit)

Ebony, Ivory and Jade /1979 TVm; 78min

Echoes /1983; near beginning/89min (dance fight)

Echoes in the Dark(ness?) /1987 TVm; 250min

The Edge /1985; (brawl over a knife)

The Edison Effect –see Destroyer

Éducation anglaise /1983; 90min (short schoolgirl grapple)

8 Femmes /2002; @95/103min (shoving catfight over gun)

Eight Heads in a Duffle Bag /1997; 66/94min (spanish soap fight on TV)

8 Women -see 8 Femmes

Einer Frisst den Anderen -see Dog Eat Dog

Eis - wenn die Welt erfriert -see Ice

Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness /1995; 65/84min (fight over axe)

Elaan / (rolling, shoving fight)

Electra /1997; 67, 73/85min (super-type fights)

Eliminator Woman /1993; 82/95min (slapping martial arts)

Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You /1971 TVm; 95/100min (murder attempt)

Ellie /1983; last half hour/90min (mud fight)

The Emerald of Artama -see The Girl of the Nile

Emilienne /1975; 75min

Emilienne and Nicole -see Emilienne

Emilio Varela vs Camelia la Texana /1979; 85min

Emma Mae /1976; 100min (punching catfight)

Emmanuelle in Hell –see Violence in a Women’s Prison

Emmanuelle reportage de un carcere femminile –see Violence in a Women’s Prison

Emmanuelle Reports from a Women’s Prison –see Violence in a Women’s Prison

Emmanuelle’s Escape from Hell –see Women’s Prison Massacre

The Emperor Jones /1933; 72min

Empire /2002; @73/90min (one punch)

The Empire of Dracula /1966; 90min (2 struggles to keep from being bitten)

En enda natt -see Only One Night

Enemy Gold /1993; 78/92min (disarm fight)

Engap / (punching fight involving 4 women)

Enter...Zombie King /2004; 62/76min (outdoor pro wrestling)

Enter the Seven Virgins –see The Bod Squad

Equinox /1971; 80min

Die Erbin des Dracula -see Las Vampiras

Eros in the Office –see Office Girls

The Erotic Adventures of Cinderella /1970s (X)

The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood –see The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

The Erotic Adventures of Siegfried -see The Lustful Barbarian

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro /1972; 98min

Erotic Castaway -see Erotic Survivor

Erotic Journey /1993; 84min (Jap.)

Erotic Survior /2001; 97min

Erotik im Beruf-Was jeder Personalchef gern verchweigt –see Office Girls

Error in Judgement /1998; 84min

Escandalos en Paris -see Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

Escape /1979; 5, 18, 28, 54, 78/93min (slap; drowning; 3 thrashing fights)

Escape -see Women's Prison Against the Cannibals

Escape from Cell Block 3 /1978; 82min (3 woman waterfight, shower catfight brawl)

Escape from Hell -see Escape

Escape from Hell Hole –see Hell Hole

Escape From Hellhole /1983; 47, 81 & 89/100min (long prisoners catfight sequence)

Escape from Women's Hell Hole -see Hell Hole

Escape from Women's Hellhole -see Women of Hell's Island

Escape from Woman's Prison -see Escape from Women’s Prison

Escape from Women’s Prison /1978; 44, 72/76min (not much of note)

Escape 2000 /1982; 93min (struggle with arrow-fatal)

Esclava de Amor -see Yankee Pasha

Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas /1977; 86min (topless prison catfight)

The Escort /1997; 85min

The Eskimo / (kissing duel?)

El Espectro del estrangulador /1966; 34/82min (slap)

El Espia de Rommel -see Foxhole in Cairo

Les Espions meurent a Beyrouth –see Secret Agent Fireball

En esta primavera /1979;90min (backup dancers catfight)

La Estrella de variedades -see Lady of Burlesque

Eulogy /2004; 26/91min (comic catfight)

Eva, la Venere selvaggia –see King of Kong Island

Le Evase-Storie di sesso e di violenze –see Escape from Women’s Prison

Eve /1969; 94min

Eve, the Wild Woman –see King of Kong Island

Everybody Sing /1938; 80min

Every Which Way She Can /1982; 70min (X) (nude lesbian hay wrestling)

The Evil of Dracula /1975; 87min (vampire attacks)

Evils of the Night /1985; 85min (fight over a syringe)

Evil Toons /1990; 65, 68/90min (vampire attacks)

Excessive Force 2; Force on Force /1995; 88min

Exit Speed /2008; (brawl ends in suffocation)

Exit to Eden /1994; 113min (dominatrix struggle)

The Exotic Ones /1968; 91min

Extraordinary Accident /1958; (Russian) (choke and slap)

Extreme Challenge /2001; 89min

Eye of the Cat /1969; 101min (@81/120min) (bathroom catfight)

Eyes in the Night /1942; 80min (one punch)

Eyes of Laura Mars /1978; 17/103min (mock model catfight)

Eyes of Texas /1948; 70min

Eyes of the Serpent /1992; 9, 79/85 (fist, swords)

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