The Sacrifice /1986; 145min

Sa daam ying -see Big Bad Sis

The Sadist /1963; 54, 72/92min (catfight over knife; struggle for gun)

The Sadist –see Escape

Sadomanía - El Infierno de la Pasíon –see Hellhole Women

Sadomania-Holle der Lust –see Hellhole Women

The Saga of the Viking –see Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent –see Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

Sail a Crooked Ship /1961; near halfway/88min (catfight)

Sailing Along /1938; 80min

The Saint’s Girl Friday /1953; 68min

Salty O’Rourke /1954; 7/99min (brief hair grab)

Saludos, hombre -see Run, Man, Run

Samundar /1986; 144min (underwater knife struggle)

Samurai Wolf I /1966; 75min (catfight)

San Antone /1953; second half/90min

San chao ren yu nub a wang -see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Woman

Sand, Love and Salt /1957; 94min (muddy catfight)

San Fernando Valley Girls –see Valley Girls

San Francisco Docks /1941; 66min

Sangue chiama sangue -see Blood Calls to Blood

Santa Claus /1985; 58/112min

Santa sangre /1989; 123min

Santiago /1956; 8/93min (barroom catfight)

Santo contra los lobas /1972; 89min

Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstrous –see Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos

Santo en Oro Negro /1974; 80min (catfight)

Santo Faces Death -see Santo frente a la Muerte

Santo frente a la Muerte /1969; (wrestling match and backstage fight)

Santo vs el espectro –see Espectro del estrangulador

Santo vs. Frankenstein's Daughter /1971; 44/87min (gun struggle)

Santo vs. la Hija de Frankestein -see Santo vs. Frankenstein's Daughter

Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos /1970; 2/85 (pro)

Sasori in U.S.A. /1997; 30, 37/86min (fists; face off and shove)

Sasquatch Mountain /2006; 90min (kick, tackle & attempted chokeout)

Satanic /2006; @81/88min (punching & wrestling)

Satanik /1969; 44/85min (good leggy fight)

Satan’s Cheerleaders /1977; 10, 16/85min (chicken; shoving and water balloons)

Die Satanengel von Nevada –see The Mini-Skirt Mob

Saturday Night Kid /1929; 63min

Saundra Cantira /

Savage Dawn /1985; 102min

Savage Instinct -see They Call Me Macho Woman

Savage Island (shortened version of Escape with only 3 fights and Linda Blair wraparound); 22, 30, 41/79min

Savage Passion –see The Ramrodder

Savage Sisters /1974;

Savage Streets /1984; 24, 50, 53/93min (classroom and shower catfights)

Savages from Hell /1968; 79min

Save the Last Dance /2001; 75/112min (catfight)

Scared by Love -see She Fought Alone

Scared to Death /1947; 65min

Scary Movie 3 /2003; @1, 25, 45, 70/80min (various quick fight outbursts)

Scarface /1983; 170min (Sue Bowser app.)

Scarlet Angel /1952; @half way/80min

Scarlet Buccaneer -see Swashbuckler

Die Schatten werden länger -see Defiant Daughters

Le Schiave di Caligola-see Caligula's Slaves

School Daze /1988; @24/114min (dance number showdown)

School for Unclaimed Girls –see The Smashing Bird I Used to Know

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers /1973; (parlor struggle, 1 topless)

School of the Holy Beast /1974; 91min (battling nuns!)

School Spirit /1985; 90min (Pam Ward app.)

The School That Ate My Brain -see Zombie High

Sci-Fighters /2004; 90min (sticks and super martial arts)

Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensione –see Starcrash

Scorned /1994; 100min (blow, tackles, slide down stairs)

The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior /2008; 109min (martial arts with sticks)

Scorpion's Revenge -see Sasori in U.S.A.

Scream Bloody Murder /2002 ;53, 75/87min (instantly broken up catfight; pitchfork chase)

Screamers /1995; 108min

Scream of Death -seeThe Living Coffin

Scream 2 /1997 ;120min (one punch)

Screen Test /1986; 84min (Michelle Bauer app.)

Screwball Hotel /1988; 66, 76/105min

Scrubbers /1982; 52, 68, 82/90min (jail fights)

Scrubbers 2 -see Delinquent Schoolgirls

Sea Creatures -see Beyond Atlantis

Search for Beauty /1934; 78min

Sebastian /1968; 100min

Secret Admirer /1985; 77/98min (tackle)

Secret Agent 00 -see Operation Kid Brother

Secret Agent Fireball /1965; 89min

The Secretary /1992; near end/81min (quick shoves fight)

Secret Diary from a Women’s Prison –see Women in Cell Block 7

The Secret of Altermera /

The Secret of My Success /1987; @90/110min (no fight, just intense looks)

Secret Places /1985; 96min

Secrets of a Model /1940; 61min

Seduced /1985 TVm; 100min

The Seduction of Inga -see Inga and Greta

Seema /1955; (Hindi)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil / (@102/120min)

Seijû gakuen -see School of the Holy Beast

Seka’s Fantasies / (X)

Señorita Justice /2003; 46, 78/85min (flashback to beatdown; long fistfight)

Sensation /1995; 102min

The Sensational 70s / (3 minutes of mud wrestling coverage)

Sensations / (choking fight)

Sens interdits -see Dirty Angel

El Secuestro de Lola /1985; 112min (stunty slugfest)

Sensitività -see The Last House Near the Lake

A Serious Shock: Yes Madam 2 /1992;

Sensuous Taboo –see Mondo Freudo

Sentencia de muerte / (rolling fistfight)

Seua khaap daap -see The Tiger Blade

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers /1954; 85/103min (multi-gal shovearound)

Seven Days’ Leave /1942; 87min

The Seven Magnificent Gladiators /1983; 25/86min (oiled wrestling)

Seven Nymphs

Seventh Heaven /1927; 119min

Seventh Heaven /1937; 102min

Seven Women from Hell /1961; 88min

Sex Crime of the Century –see The Last House on the Left

Sex in the Office –see Office Girls

Sex is a Woman –see Death is a Woman

Sex Maniac -see Maniac

Sex Monster –see Doctor of Doom

The Sex O’Clock News / 1984; 2, 24, 30, 43/76min (mixed, topless boxing, pro)

Sexo Doido /

Sex Slime / (X)

Sexual Intent /1994; 88min (short strippers catfight)

Sexual Outlaws /1994; 90min (lesbo shove down and slap, gunpoint)

Sexual Students -see The Student Body

Sexy and Dangerous /1996; 92min (H.K.)

Shadow Boxers /1999; 72min (boxing)

Shadow: Dead Riot /2006; 15, 30, 57 & 74/90min (prison brawls)

Shadow Glories /2001; 25, 39, 42, 51, 71/107min (boxing and mixed boxing)

Shadow Killers –see Girls in the Tiger Cage

Shadowless Sword /2005; 104min (acrobatic swordfights)

Shadow of a Stranger /1992; 88min (105/120min)

Shadow of Fear –see Before I Wake

Shadow of Fear –see Destroyer

Shadow of the Thin Man /1941; 72/97min (glimpsed catfighting during bar brawl)

Shadow of the Werewolf –see The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Women

The Shadows Grow Longer -see Defiant Daughters

Shadow Warriors /1997; 96min (nice fight)

Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant /1999;

Shakka /1981; (one sided slaparound into stunty fight)

Sharaabi /1964; (8 girl dresses melee)

Shark Reef –see She Gods of Shark Reef

Sheba Baby /1975; 61/90min (catfight)

She Devil /1957; 77min

She-Devil /1989 ;40, 79/99min (GLOW footage; slap)

She-Devils in Chains –see Sweet Sugar

She Devils in Chains –see Ebony, Ivory and Jade

She-Devils on Wheels /1968; 27/83min (roughing up)

She Done Him Wrong /1933; 50/66min (struggle over knife)

She Fought Alone /1995; 87min TVm (school bathroom catfight)

She Gets What She Wants /2002; 91min (3 girl slapfest; choking catfight; slap)

She Gods of Shark Reef /1958; 42/63min (struggling in tall grass)

She Good Fighter /1995; 85min (boxing)

She Mob /1968; 66/80min (1 knocks out 3 with weak punches)

Sheela /1986; (stunty rolling fight)

Shen Jing Dao yu Fei Tian Mao -see The Flying Daggers

Shen Zhen gong lu qiang che sha ren an zhi: Liu mo nu -see The Six Devil Women

Sherlock Holmes in New York City / (talk only)

She Says She’s Innocent /1991 TVm; (10, 91/120min) (shoves, weak slap; frenzied attack)

She Shoots Straight /1990; 87min (hyper martial arts)

She’s in the Army Now /1981 TVm; @28/100min (barracks catfight)

She's the Man /2006; 105min (3 girl bathroom brawl)

She Was a Hippy Vampire –see The Wild World of Batwoman

The She-Wolf –see The Devil is a Woman

Shimotsuma monogatari -see Kamikaze Girls

Shining Through /1992; 109/132min (fight over scissors)

The Ship of Condemned Women /1954; 95min

Ship of Lost Women –see The Ship of Condemned Women

Shock ‘em Dead /

Shocking Asia /1974; 74min (pro footage)

Shock Treatment -see Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins

Shogun Assassin –see Baby Cat

Shootfighter –see Shootfighter: Fight to the Death

Shootfighter: Fight to the Death /1992; 100min

Shootfighter 2 /1995; 95min (cage fight)

A Shot in the Dark /1964; 98/101min (yelling and shoving)

Should a Girl Say Yes? -see A Virgin in Hollywood

Showdown /1993;

Showdown -see Showdown at the Erogenous Zone

Showdown at the Erogenous Zone /1985; (X)

Showdown in Little Tokyo /1991; 79min (female sumo wrestling)

Shrimp on the Barbie /1990, 90min (cake in the face)

Shura Yukihime -see The Princess Blade

Side Show /1982 TVm; 100min

The Side Streets of Hollywood -see A Virgin in Hollywood

Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen -see The Lustful Barbarian

Siempre Carmen -see Carmen poibita

El Signa de Vampiro –see Las Vampiras

The Sign of the Vampire –see Las Vampiras

Silk Degrees /1994; 94min (punching & shooting brawl)

Silver Hawk /2004; 99min (martial arts fights)

Silvaria /

The Silver Key –see The Girl in the Case

Sinfonia del Mas Alla –see The Empire of Dracula

Sing / ;26/97min (4 gal struggle)

Single White Female /1992; 97/107min (gun struggle/choke out/stabbing)

Single White Female 2: The Psycho /2005; 84/91min (very minor skirmishing)

Sin noticias de Dios -see Don't Tempt Me

Sins of Desire /1992; 76/90min (fistfight)

Sins of Love -see Test Tube Babies

Sins of Sister Lucia /1978; 70min (naughty nun fight)

Sins of the Past /1984 TVm; near beginning/100min (call girl catfight)

Sissy’s Hot Summer /1979; 69min

Siste de Pancho Villa /

The Sister-In-Law /1995 TVm; 92min (tackles and 1 punch)

Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies /TVm; 100min (0, 31, 70/120min) (lots of bitchery and 2 catfights)

Sisters /

Sisters in Leather /1969;

Sisters in Leatherette –see Sisters in Leather

Sister, Sister /1982 TVm; 100min

Sisters of Satan /1975; 77min

Sister Street Fighter /1974 68/86min (chop and hammerlock)

6 Angels /2006; (2 martial arts fights)

The Six Devil Women /1996; 89min (clothes ripping club catfight)

Six Shes and a He -see Love Goddesses of Blood Island

Sizzle /1981 TVm; @halfway/100min (prison fights)

Sizzle Beach, USA /1986; 93min (Roselyn Roce app.)

The Sizzlers –see Delinquent Schoolgirls

Skeezer /1982 TVm; second half/100min (crazed daughter attacks mother)

The Skeleton Key /2005; @86/ min (short struggle)

Slammed /2001; 99min (short pro match)

Slammer Girls /1987; 49/82min (comic knife fight)

Slap Her...She's French -see She Gets What She Wants

Slashdance /1990; 8/83min (2 on 1 fight; GLOW wrestlers)

Slave Girls -see Prehistoric Women

Slave Girls / (X)

Slave Girls of the White Rhino –see Prehistoric Women (1967)

Slaves in Bondage /1937; 70min (rolling, punching catfight)

Slaves of Chinatown –see White Slaves of Chinatown

Slaves of the Realm /2002; 87/99min (swordfight; Rena Mero stars)

Slayer /2006; 88min TV Movie (vampire fistfights)

Sleazemania /1986; 60min (SWV compilation tape)

Sleazy Rider /1988; 23min

Sleepaway Camp /1983; 88min (slap)

Sleepaway Camp II /1988; 80min

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland /1989; 80min (axe/knife fist fight-fatal)

Sleepover /2005; 61/89min (quick shoving catfight)

Slim Carter /1957; 82min (shove down, 1 punch)

Slumber Party ’57 /1977; 89min

Smash'd -see M*A*S*H*D

The Smashing Bird I Used to Know / 1969; 95min (shovedown/choke; mass nightgown cat/pillowfight)

Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman /1947; 68/103min (catfight)

Smillas‘s Sense of Snow /1997; 79/125min (rough treatment, crotch grab)

The Smokers /2000; 56/96min (short hairpuller)

Smokin' Aces /2006; 27/108min (background catfight)

Smooth Talk /1985; 92min (slap)

The Smut Peddler /1965; 65min

Snapdragon /1993; 96min (twins hand to hand)

Snatched /1973 TVm; @2/3/73min

Snowboard Academy /1996; 81/89min (ski poles and fists)

Snow Dog /1950; 63min

So Close /2002; 51/110min (martial arts)

So Evil So Young /1960; 15/80min (jerky catfight)

The Soldier /1982; 96min

Sombra, the Spider Woman /1966 TVm; 100min (46, 68/120min) (2 konks on head)

Some Kind of Wonderful /1987; 93min (confrontation)

Sometimes a Hero -see Cold Vengeance

Song of the Sierra -see Springtime in the Sierras

The Son-in-Law /1993; 20/95min (mud)

Sonja, la Guerrera -see Red Sonja

The Son of Robin Hood /1959; 81min

Son of the Pink Panther /1993; 79/95min (fight)

So Proudly We Hail! /1943; 27/126min (slaps and quick fight)

The Sore Losers /1999; 67, 71/90min (distant nude catfight; cat struggle)

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama /1988; 78min (5 hard to define incidents)

Sorority Girl /1957; 60min

Sorority House Massacre II /; 64/77min (death fight)

Sorority Kill /TVm; (42/120min)

SOS Conspiracion Bikini /1967; 84min (wildly swinging brawl)

Soul Survivors /2002; 63/85min (one hard slap)

South Riding /1938; 90 and 84 min versions

So Young, So Bad /1950; 9, 27/91min (hammerlock and choke; shove down)

Space Mission of the Lost Planet –see Vampire Men of the Lost Planet

Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe –see Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Space Thing / ;17/70min (grab for hair)

Una Spada per l’impero –see Sword of the Empire

The Spanish Main /1945; 45/100min (slap and sword threat)

Spear of Destiny -see Future Hunters

Lo Specchio del desiderio -see The Moon in the Gutter

The Specials /2000; @ half way/82min (one punch)

The Spider /1945; 62min

Spider-Babe /2003; 26, 61, 84/90min (unrated version) (weak wrestling and martial arts)

The Spider’s Web –see It’s Hot in Paradise

Le Spie amono I fiori –see The Spy Who Loved Flowers

Spies Come from Half-Cold -see Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Le Spie uccidono a Beirut –see Secret Agent Fireball

Spie vengono dal semifreddo –see Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Spiked Heels and Black Nylons /1967; 74min (dresses struggle)

Spiteful Woman /1970s; 90min

Splitz /1984; 89min (one punch; wrestling match)

Spring Break /1983; 101min (mixed boxing)

Spring Breakdown /2008;

Spring Break Shark Attack /2005; 88min TVM

Spring Break USA –see Lauderdale

Springtime in the Sierras /1947; 75min (rolling around, one punch fight)

Sprite: Between Two Worlds /1997; 10, 31/80min (anime; roughing up, then fights; offscreen punches)

The Spy Came from the Semi-Cold -see Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Spygirl /2004; 102min (short one-punch fight)

The Spy in the Green Hat /1966; (The Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes "The Concrete Overcoat Affair")

Spy in Your Eye /1966; 88min

The Spy Killers –see Secret Agent Fireball

The Spy Loves Flowers –see The Spy Who Loved Flowers

The Spy Who Loved Flowers /1966; 93min

S. S. Girls /1976; 982min (combat training)

S. S. Special Section Women -see Deported Women of the S. S. Special Section

Stagecoach to Fury /1954; 75min (rough shaking)

Stage Struck /1936; 86min

Stairway to Heaven /1946; 104min

Starcrash /1979; 92min

Star in the Dust /1956; 80min (struggle and catfight)

Starlight Hotel /1987; 93min

Star Slammer –see Prison Ship Star Slammer

Star Slammer: The Escape –see Prison Ship Star Slammer

Start the Revolution Without Me /1970; 75, 80/91min

Star Trek IV: The Final Frontier /1989; 106min (Spice Williams app.)

Stay Tuned /1992; 25/88min (pro style)

Steel Magnolias /1989; 104/120min

Stella /1990; 58/109min (slap)

Stella Star –see Starcrash

Step by Step /1946; 62min

The Stepfather /1987; 11/98min (school catfight)

The Stepford Children /1987 TVm; second half (2)/100min

Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers /1992; 72, 76/91min

Stewardess School /1987; 11/93min (plus, one charachter is a wrestler)

Stick It /2006; 103min (short shove around)

The Stick-Up /1977; 101min

Stiletto /1969; 98min

Stiletto /2009 84/99min (brawl)

Sting of the Black Scorpion /1995 (TV series compilation)

A Stolen Face /1952; 72min

Stolen Girls /1972; 33, 57/59 (topless catshoving)

Stolen Identity /

Stolen: One Husband /1990 TVm; @half way/100min (swinging fists)

Stone Age Warriors /1990;

The Stone Forest –see Treasure of the Petrified Forest

Stormbreaker /2006; 93min (comic fight)

Stormquest /1987; 15, 69, 77, 81/90min (sword fights)

Stormy Nights /1997; 90min (bathroom attack)

The Story of Esther Costello /1957; 103min

The Story of Molly X /1949; 82min (punch exchange; good catfight)

Strait-Jacket /1964; 89min (grapple)

Stranded 1987; 80min (no fight-Spice Williams app.)

Stranded in Dinosaur Valley -see Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

A Strange Adventure /1956; near end/70min (one punch)

The Strange Adventure of David Gray –see Vampyr

Strange Impersonation /1946; 68min

Stranger from Hong-Kong /1963;

Stranger in My House /1999; 94min (fight over camera)

A Stranger in Our House /1978 TVm; last quarter/100min (long darkroom catfight)

Stranger Inside /2001; 97min (fistfights)

The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh -see The Next Victim!

Lo Strano vizio della Signora Wardh -see The Next Victim!

Strategic Command /1997; 90min (struggle over gun)

Street Crimes /1992; 32/96min (kickboxing into wrestling)

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li /2009; 46/97min (bathroom brawl)

Street War -see The Black Godfather

Strike Force /2003; 96min

Strike of the Tortured Angels /1982; 90min

Stripes /1981; 53/105min (mud wrestling)

Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls /1989; 83min

Strip Show -see Midnight Tease II

Striptease /1996; first half hour/115min (talk about adding creamed corn wrestling to the bar)

Striptease Lady -see Lady of Burlesque

Striptease Part 2 / (X) (bar catfight)

The Strongest Man in the World -see Thor and the Amazon Women

The Student Body /1976; first 5, 38, 45/76min (jail brawls, catfight)

Student Body Associates -see The Student Body

Submerged /2000; 95min

Submerged /2005; 96min (hand to hand)

Submission -see Pets

Submissive Pleasures /1960s

The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option /2001; 91min (one punch)

Subterfuge /1969; 92min

Suburbia /1984; 94min (Julie Winchester app.)

Sucedió en el internado /1985; 95min (nude shower fight)

Sudojo Lucia: kegasu -see The Sins of Sister Lucia

Se Sufre pero se goza /1984; (18, 37, 41, 52, 78, 80, 102/120) (practice, 3 pro)

Sugar & Spice /2001; 39, 75/85min (quick catspat, lunges and sound)

Sugar Hill /1974; 37/91min (bar fight)

Suicide /1995; (H.K.)

Suicide Mission /1973; 75min

Sukeban Deka: Kôdo nêmu = Asamiya Saki -see Yo-Yo Girl Cop

Sukeban gerira /1972; 84min (beach catfight; fistfight brawl)

Summer Camp Nightmare /1987; 87min (restraining and shoving)

Summer Girl /1983 TVm; 98/100min (angry slap)

Summer of Fear –see Stranger in Our House

Summer School /1977; 31, 63/80min (pillows; school catfight)

Summer School Teachers /1975; 82/87min (melee on football field)

Sumo Vixens /1996; 74min (leggy catfight to knockout)

Sumuru /2003; (spears fight)

Sunday in Paris /

Sunday Sinners /1940; 65min (barroom catfight)

Sunland Heat /2005; 32/80min (UFC style fight)

Sunstorm /2001; (fists & kicks fight)

Il Suo modo di fare –see Tenderly

Los Superagentes / (quick gun struggle)

Supercop /1992; 53/91min (crotch kick and disarm)

Supercop II /1993; 3/102min (martial arts)

Superfights: The Movie /1996; 0/95min (kickboxing)

The Supergal /1992; 33/50min (anime-super powered ring fight)

Superman contre les femmes vampires –see Samson vs. the Vampire Women

Superman II /1980; ,122/127min (2 punching incidents)

Supermen Against the Amazons –see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Woman

Superhero Movie /2008; 85min (short comedy skirmish)

Superstar /1999; 31/80min (nice brawling)

Superstarlet A.D. /2002; 21, 27/68min (backhand; weak struggle)

Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women /1975; 95min (hand to hand fights to the death)

Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte –see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Woman

Surprise Package /1960; 100min

The Surrogate /1984; near end/95min (struggle with pregnant girl)

Suspect Device /1995; 90min (fistfight)

Suspicion /2003; (british tv) (catfighting brawl with scissors)

Svengali –see Dr. Dracula

The Swappers -see The Wife Swappers

Swamp Diamonds –see Swamp Women

Swamp Fever –see Thunder County

Swamp Fire /1946; 29/69min (catfight)

Swamp Girl /1971; 64/78min (swampy struggle)

Swamp Woman /1941; 68min

Swamp Women /1955; 73min (couple of quick fights; fistfight; knifepoint cat brawl)

The Swappers –see The Wife Swappers

Swashbuckler /1976; first half/101min (tavern catfight)

Sweet Home Alabama /2002; near end/108min (one punch)

Sweet Justice /1992; 0, 50/92min (mixed and f/f kickboxing)

Sweet Movie /1974; 95min (Vivian Vachon app.)

Sweet Sugar /1972; 90min (water fistfight; leggy rollaround)

Swept Away…by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August /1975; 116min (mixed)

Swinging Cheerleaders /1974; second half/91min (knife threat)

Swing Shift /1984; 83/100min

Swing Shift Maisie /1943; near end/87min (threats and hose choke)

Switch /1991; 67, 78, 86/101min (punches; throttling)

Switchblade Sisters /1975; 7, 11, 78/91min (rough handling; multi-woman fracas; knife fight)

Sword of the Empire /1965; 80min (long choking struggle in dresses)

Sword of Vengeance, Part II -see Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx

Sword of Venus /1953; 73min

Sydney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes -see If Tomorrow Comes

Symptoms /1974; 91min

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