Aankhon Aankhon Mein /1972; (comic rolling catfight)

Aamne Samne /1967; (kicking slapping fight)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy /1955; @1/79min (staged acrobatic fight)

The Abductors /1972; 80min (mixed)

Above the Law -see Righting Wrongs

Abroad in Old Kentucky -see The Moonshiner's Daughter

Absolute Beginners /1986; 96/107min (catfight bits)

Les Abysses /1963; 90min

Accidental Meeting /1994 TVm; 92min (chase and hand to hand)

An Ace and Four Queens /1966; 95 min (energetic fistfight)

Ace Drummond /13 Chapter Serial, 1936; 253min

Aces Go Places /1982; 93min (shoving)

The Acid Eaters /1967; 65min

The Acid People –see The Acid Eaters

Action Angels /2005;

Action Force: The Movie -see G.I. Joe: The Movie

Adam Had Four Sons /1941; 81min

Adorables Revoltosas -see Little Darlings

Adrift /1993 TVm; 89min (flare gun struggle)

A.D.3 operazione squalo bianco -see Operation White Shark

The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide /1971; 66/91min (catfight into sex)

The Adventures of El Frenetico and Go Girl /1993; 90min

The Adventures of Stella Star –see Starcrash

Adventures of Taura –see Prison Ship Star Slammer

Adventurous Eyes

Aeon Flux /2005; 41, 46/93min (2 martial-artsy fights)

Affair in Reno /1957; 75min (arguing and slap exchange)

The Affairs of Robin Hood –see The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood

Agente 003, operacion Atlantida -see Operation Atlantis

Agent 3S3 enviado especial –see Hunter of the Unknown

Agent 3S3, massacre au soleil –see Hunter of the Unknown

Agent 353, Massacre in the Sun –see Hunter of the Unknown

Agent 3S3, massacre al sole –see Hunter of the Unknown

Agent Aika: Final Battle /1998; 15, 31, 40, 43, 47, 58, 74/90min (anime; fights of various kinds and length in very short skirts)

L' Agente federale Lemmy Caution -see Your Turn, Darling

Agent Red -see Captured

El Águila descalza /1969; 90min

Ahankar /1991; (slapping catfight)

Ah! House Collapses /2004; 100min (wild brawling)

Ah! Les belles bacchantes / 1954; 95min

Â! Ikkenya puroresu -see Ah! House Collapses

Aika Zero: Howaito naitsu /2009; (short sword vs. martial arts)

Airplane! /1980; 16/86min (girl scouts bar brawl)

Airport '77 /1977; second half/113min (struggle over plane door with one punch)

Alexa /1989; @67/85min (bitching and shove out of kitchen)

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker -see Stormbreaker

Alfie /1966; 83/114min (glimpses of bar fight)

Alias Nick Beal /1949; 22/93min (barroom catfight)

Alien from L.A. /1983; 44/88min (pit fight-may or may not be women)

Alien Fury /2000; 88min TVmovie (no fight-stars Chyna)

Alien High /1987; 90min (@5, 60/120min) (8 gal fight in barber shop)

Alien Intruder / 1992; 52/90min (fist fight)

Alien Women –see Zeta One

Allah Rakha /1986; (long stunty catfight)

The All-American Girl /1973; 80min

Allah Rakha /1986; (India)

Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold /1987; 92/100min (weak-sword attack, flip)

All Babes Want to Kill Me /2005; 82min (weak hand to hand)

Alle fur einen-Prugel fur alle –see Three Musketeers of the West

Alley Cats /1982?

The Allnighter /1987; 62, 80/108min (2 hit jail fight)

All Night Long /1970s (X)

..All the Marbles /1981; 1, 7, 32, 36, 40 51, 81/113min (pro matches; mud wrestling)

All the Way Down /1966

All You've Got /2006; 66/92min (shoving around)

Alvin Purple / 1973; 95min (schoolgirls catfight)

Los Amantes de la isla de diablo -see Quartier de femmes

The Amazing Mr. No Legs -see Mr. No Legs

Amazing Mr. Williams /1939; 80min

Las Amazonas –see The Amazons

Las Amazonas mujeres de amor y Guerra –see Battle of the Amazons

Amazonas para dos aventureros -see Amazons for Two Adventurers

Les Amazones –see The Amazons

Amazon Jail / 1982; 24, 31, 71/99min (catfights; stabbing)

The Amazons /1973; 7, 62/100min (topless wrestling; nude fistfight)

Amazons /1984 TV movie, 100min (102/120min)

Amazons /1986; 71/76min (sword vs. axe)

Amazons Against Superman –see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women

Amazons and Supermen –see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women

Amazons for Two Adventurers /1974; 90min

Amazzoni contro supermen –see Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women

Amazzoni: donne d’amore e di Guerra –see Battle of the Amazons

L' Ambassade en folie -see Near Mrs.

American Angels: Baptism of Blood /1990; 99min (pro)

American Beauty Hostage - see Ebony, Ivory and Jade

American Dreams /1984; 58min

American Gothic /1988; 77/90min (bash on head with tub)

American Pie /1995; 74min (X) (bathroom catfight)

American Samurai -see Paper Bullets

American Streetfighter 2... The Full Impact -see Full Impact

American Vampire -see An American Vampire Story

El Amor tiene cara de mujer /1973; 99min (clumsy comic catfight)

Ana de los Milagros -see The Miracle Worker

An American Vampire Story /1997; 99min

Andalusische Nächte (Carmen) /1938; 94min

Anderson's Angels - see Chesty Anderson, USN

And Five Makes Jason /1969; 62min

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet /1999; 88min (quick naked food fight)

...and the Wild Wild Women /1959; 106min (prisoner fights)

Andy Warhol's Bad /1977; 105min

Angel(s) -see Midnite Angels

Angelfist /1993; 4, 29, 34, 40, 52, 68/81min (kickboxing)

Angel Force /1991; 86min (martial arts)

Angelica e il gran sultano -see Angelique and the Sultan

Angelique and the Sultan /1967; 105min

Angélique et le sultan -see Angelique and the Sultan

Angel of Darkness / 1994; 50min (anime)

Angel of Fury –see Lady Dragon II

Angel of H.E.A.T. /1982; 31, 80/93min (mud; chokes)

Angel of Vengeance /1993; Jap.

Angel on Fire /1995; (martial arts)

Angels Behind Bars - see Vendetta

Angel Terminators /1990; 92min (martial arts)

Angel 3 -see Midnite Angels 3

Angel III: The Final Chapter /1988; 99min (3 hooker struggle; topless cavegirls)

Angel 4: Assault with a Deadly Weapon –see Angel 4: Undercover

Angel 4: Undercover / 1993; 94min (shove around catfight)

Angels with Golden Guns -see Terror in a Woman's Prison

Angel with the Iron Fists /1967; (brawl in dresses)

Anger -see Terror in a Woman's Prison

Anna-Der Film /1988;

Annabel Takes a Tour /1938; 45/67min (dance hall multi-gal fight)

Annai Oru Aalayam /1979; (strength testing fight)

Anne of the Indes /1951; 81min (tavern catfight)

Annie /1982; 5/128min (tykes tussle)

Ann Vickers /1933, 72min (43/100min) (prison riot)

Anokha /1975; (stunty catfight)

The Apache /1928; 57min

Ape Creature -see Gorilla Gang

April in Paris /1952; 79/101min (near catfight)

The Arab -see The Barbarian

The Arena /1973; 26, 31, 34, 43, 59/83min

Arena /1991; 115min (one punch)

The Arena /2001; 18, 44, 64, 81/92min (mostly swords)

Ariana's Quest /2002; (stars Rena Mero (Sable))

Armageddon -see Redline

Armitage: Dual Matrix /2002; 52, 65, 72/90min

Around the World in 80 Days /2004; 120min (one punch)

Arriba Michoacan /1980; first half/90min (mass field catfight; near fight later)

Artists and Models /1955; 106/109min (dragged off and stuffed into pot)

Ascenseur Pour l'Echafaud -see Die! Die! My Darling!

El Asesino Loco y el Sexo -see Wrestling Women vs The Murdering Robot

Aska susayanlar seks ve cinayet -see Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder

La Asomoire

Assault on Death Mountain -see Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant

Assault on Devil's Island -see Shadow Warriors

Assault of the Killer Bimbos /1988; last 15/85min (3 gal fight)

As the Sea Rages /1960; 74min

Asylum Night /2004; 103/118min (vampire thwarting)

À toi de faire... mignonne -see Your Turn, Darling

Ator -see Ator, the Fighting Eagle

Ator, l'aquila battante -see Ator, the Fighting Eagle

Ator l'invincibile -see Ator, the Fighting Eagle

Ator, the Fighting Eagle /1983; @43, 70/98min (amazon grapples)

Atrapadas –see Condemned to Hell

Attack Girls Swim Team vs the Unliving Dead /2007; 78min (zombie attacks)

Attack of the Cave Babes -see One Million AC/DC

Attack of the Jungle Women / 1959; 72min

Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold /1995; 72/84min (long giantess cat struggle)

Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins /1969; 106min (mudwrestling)

Automatic / 1994; 90min (head slams and kill)

Autopsy /2008; 84min

Autumn -see Reflection of Fear

The Avenging Quartet -see Tomb Raiders

The Avengers / 1998; 64/95min (hand to hand)

Ayane's High Kick /1998; 19, 43/60min (anime; kickboxing)

This list compiled from various

sources too numerous to credit, but rest assured that I'm not taking the credit. And that's all it is folks-Just a list of female fights in the movies. Ones that we've seen we've annotated with a slight description. We're not selling copies here.

Many entries won't pan out for you (that's your taste at work), but we try to list the widest variety that we can and let you do the rest.

I welcome any and all corrections (especially from our brothers

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